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Developing African Christian leaders who can witness for Christ in their spheres of influence is our reason for serving in Nigeria.  Recently, we’ve had two opportunities to train executives and professionals to influence others for Christ.

 Coming from cities throughout Nigeria, 101 influential executives gathered in the capitol city Abuja for a 3-day workshop.  Training participants how to reach fellow executives through personal evangelism and outreach dinner parties was the aim of the workshop.  Tom held a session on leading a small group designed for discipleship.  Several international speakers came to assist in beginning this ministry.

As a result of the workshop, teams of executives are now mobilizing other executives to plan outreach dinner parties in at least three Nigerian cities, including Jos.

At the Jos University Teaching Hospital, 100 hospital staff were trained how to lead a person to Christ with the Four Spiritual Laws booklet and how to help them grow in faith.  Because he had previously been through the training, Godwin enthusiastically organized the program for hospital staff.  As they were given occasion to share their faith with patients in the hospital, these hospital staff were excited by the response of those who received Christ.

As greater numbers of Nigerians are equipped to reach and disciple others for Christ, the spread and impact of the gospel will multiply.  Please pray along with us that those who have been trained will continue to shine brightly as the light of the world.