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July 2007

Summer greetings praying friends,

It is with a bit of sadness that I write this last e-mail with our praises and prayer requests. For nearly 20 years many of you have prayed lovingly and faithfully for our family. Knowing that this loss of prayer support will be missing in our lives is difficult to imagine. We simply ask that as God would bring us to your minds that you would intercede on our behalf. So for this final time here are our praises and requests.

Praise and Requests:

  1. We are happily moved into our new home. We closed two weeks ago and feel so very blessed to have the house we believe God saved for us. We had asked prayer that our belongings coming from Salt Lake City would arrive before we left for our final CCC retreat in Colorado. It wasn't looking too promising, but two days till we were to leave, the company called and said they could deliver the morning before we had to leave for the airport. A real answer to prayer!

  2. Our time at the CCC retreat and our final debrief went well.....a bit sad at the same time though. After 25 years of ministry with CCC for Rosie and 20 years for Tom, it marked a major life transition for both of us.

  3. Aaron is presently at his training with SIM in Charlotte N.C. His heart for missions is a praise. Please pray for God to continue to develop Aaron for the task ahead for him. Pray also for his ministry placement. He really wants to go to Niger but that is not a definite at this time. Pray for Aaron to be willing to follow where God leads. He will also need to develop a financial and prayer support team, pray for God's provision.

  4. Nathanael found a part time job at Taco Bell and we are pleased he is working. Jesse is working 40 hours a week at Lowe's. Pray they would be good employees and learn some good life lessons from this experience. Pray too for consistent and good times of learning from God's Word.

  5. All three boys will come for a 2 week visit to our new home in Rochester in early August. Pray for good family times together.

  6. Tom has Family Medicine Board exams the end of July, pray this goes well. He also begins work at the Mayo Clinic on August 1st ..... big new step. Pray for his adjustments to this new work environment.

  7. Pray for us as we seek for a new church to which we can belong. Pray God would lead us to where we can minister for Him in our new community.

  8. We will be in Ventura July 20-22 to say our good byes and thank yous to Bible Fellowship Church and Community Bible Church, pray our trip goes well (no flight cancellations) and our time there will be a blessing to all.

Once again, a huge thanks to each of you that have prayed for us these many years. You have been the back bone of our lives and ministry and we will never forget your labor of love on your knees for us.

With much love and appreciation,

Rosie, Tom, Aaron, Jesse and Nathanael