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Family Life Ministry in Nigeria

In every society, a couple and their family form the basic unit for shaping future generations. Nigerians greatly value family relationships.  Many first-generation Christian marriages come from polygamous family backgrounds.  As a result, many couples lack role models of Christian marriage, and many churches fail to emphasize biblical principles of marriage.  

We are part of the Family Life Ministry in Nigeria that aims to help couples understand God’s design for marriage.  We are leading married couples through Home Builders studies, where we cover topics like God’s design for marriage, differences between men and women, resolving conflict, and relying on God’s power for victory.  Couples work through practical projects each week to strengthen their communication and relationship.  At the end of the study couples are challenged not only to apply the material in their own marriages, but to lead other couples they know through the same material.  As a result, effective multiplication of Home Builder’s groups has followed.

In addition, we are speakers for Family Life “Weekend to Remember” marriage conferences.  These weekends are designed for couples to invest in their marriages through concentrated time together.  Momentum expands from such conferences, leads to formation of homebuilders groups, and opens greater opportunities for strategic ministry in new areas.

Through the multiplication of home builders groups, God has reached many more couples than we could have possibly reached personally.  Because at least 12 other couples have so far taken up the challenge of personal ministry by leading homebuilders groups, we know of 91 additional couples who have been reached through 4 generations.

Developing the spiritual side of the medical profession is another aspect of Tom’s work at the hospital.  Our practical training in how to communicate the gospel through the Four Spiritual Laws equips hospital personnel to be effective in personal evangelism and multiplies the number of patients who can hear the gospel.  We are encouraged by the eagerness of many Christian doctors and nurses to share their faith and to pray with the sick and suffering.

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