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May 20, 2005

Re· un· ion: a gathering together of persons after a long separation

On a Saturday in April, we organized a Home Builders reunion for all the couples who have been in our Home Builders bible study groups over the past several years.  We also invited 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation couples that had been in groups led by our members.  It was a warm time of fellowship, renewing friendships, and re­charging our com­mitment to build our marriages.  We helped couples see how, through multi­plication of Home Builders groups, God has reached many more couples than Rosie and I could possibly reach our­selves.  God has used those we have trained to have a life-chang­ing impact in Nigerian marriages.  We have personally led 8 groups involving 53 couples.  Eight of these couples have led 15 groups reaching 78 more couples.  Six of those cou­ples have led 7 groups with 42 couples, and two of these couples have started their own groups.  In all, we know of at least 179 couples who have gone through Home Builders groups, and over 100 came to the reunion.

During the reunion, peo­ple shared how they had led Home Builders groups through their churches, with colleagues from work, and even in other coun­tries!  We had asked Godwin, from our very first Home Builders group, to speak on “Keeping your marriage fresh.”  In the audi­ence was a TV producer who liked the talk so much, he arranged for Godwin to give the same talk broadcast on the leading Nigerian TV station!  We prayed together for the spiritual battle in Nigerian marriages and families.  After we all had a relaxing time of interaction over lunch, Rosie and I spoke on “What children need in a father and mother.”  Sharing our enthusiasm about how God multi­plies His work through small groups, we con­cluded the reunion by challenging couples to get involved in ministry together through lead­ing Home Builders groups.

On another note, Jesse will graduate from high school on May 27, and we will bring him back to the U.S. this summer.  Aaron, who has completed two years of college joined us last week for the graduation celebration and is spending several weeks here, despite our absence.  Please pray along with us for his travels around Nigeria and for our summer in the U.S.  Our summer itinerary includes spending with our families, settling Jesse in Salt Lake City, and some limited travel. 

Serving together with you,

Tom & Rosie