"JESUS" Photo Album


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DSC00001.JPG (28007 bytes)With the Eggon chief before the trek into the hills

DSC00003.JPG (61493 bytes)Preparing the equipment in the village where we started

DSC00004.JPG (61759 bytes)Ready to begin the hike up into the hills

DSC00005.JPG (62474 bytes)Starting the hike into the hills

DSC00007.JPG (63330 bytes)Walking along

DSC00009.JPG (40704 bytes)Beginning the ascent

DSC00010.JPG (62082 bytes)Our three children

DSC00011.JPG (63437 bytes)Carrying the film equipment

DSC00012.JPG (60187 bytes)

DSC00020.JPG (62399 bytes)Man we met with a monkey

DSC00023.JPG (62115 bytes)Grave stone of 1st missionary to Eggon people

DSC00024.JPG (62068 bytes)Current pastor next to the missionary grave

DSC00025.JPG (30973 bytes)Setting up the tents to spend the night

DSC00026.JPG (62565 bytes)An afternoon siesta in the heat

DSC00027.JPG (61224 bytes)Setting up the projector

DSC00028.JPG (11357 bytes)Showing the film

DSC00031.JPG (61236 bytes)Music with traditional instruments

DSC00033.JPG (23964 bytes)Watching the "JESUS" film

DSC00037.JPG (62261 bytes)The church in the hills

DSC00038.JPG (61422 bytes)Eating breakfast before the journey home

DSC00039.JPG (61294 bytes)Sunday church service after the "JESUS" film show

DSC00041.JPG (62148 bytes)Pastor Augustine with interpreter (for us visitors)

DSC00042.JPG (62760 bytes)Those attending the service

DSC00043.JPG (61736 bytes)Resting under a rock for shade on the journey down

DSC00048.JPG (62335 bytes)The team we took with us