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“If at first you don’t succeed …”

We are all familiar with the end of this truthful adage. But to try, try, again involves a decision and taking a further step of action.  Several months ago we experienced this truth personally. Having the desire to begin a new Home Builders group, we followed our usual steps of preparation: consulted our calendar, printed invitations, and invited several couples.

But when Sunday evening arrived for our initial meeting, only one couple came, followed by the uninvited guest … disappointment.  Wondering where we had gone wrong, we determined to try again at a later date.  Taking the next step to “try, try again,” we sowed broadly and invited numerous couples.  The results were worth the wait and initial disappointment.

As you can see, nine couples comprised our latest Home Builders group – our largest ever!  We intentionally targeted Tom’s colleagues, and the group included 9 doctors, 2 nurses, and a hospital administrator.  I wish you could have been a gecko on the wall of our living room, listening as they shared how God had worked in their marriages over the past 13 weeks.  We were amazed as the husbands took the lead, admitting all they had learned.  It is not the cultural norm for men to be so honest and vulnerable.  God’s lesson was clear: we are responsible to been faithful, He is responsible for the results and receives all the honor.

New Year, New Directions, Charting a New Course

As many of you are aware, our two sons, Aaron and Jesse, are in college in Utah.  In May, Nathanael will graduate from high school and return to the States to begin college.  These events and other pieces in the puzzle of life brought us to a crossroads.  After laboring in prayer, discussing, thinking, evaluating together, and praying some more, we believe God has directed us to take a new course.  This course leads us back to the United States, into medicine and ministry there.  This will necessitate our leaving the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ in early June.  No sooner had we made this decision than God opened a door of opportunity for Tom to work at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  Our next prayer letter will give more details as God unfolds His plans for our lives.  We covet your prayers for our transition.

Grateful for you partnership with us,

Tom & Rosie