Hillcrest School

Nathanael in Hungary
Hillcrest School

Hillcrest School is a cooperative mission school run by 10 cooperating mission agencies, and each is responsible to supply teachers. Hillcrest began in 1942 and has since educated not only missionary kids but children from all over the world, Christian and non-Christian. Today we have about 300 students, grades 1-12. These students represent about 29 different countries and various religions.  Because of the varied student backgrounds, the school itself can be a real mission field.  The school is on about 25 acres, and breaks into three schools, Elementary (grades 1-5), Middle (grades 6-8), and High School.  The school uses an American curriculum and is equipped with a computer lab and music and sports facilities.  Rosie works with students with learning disabilities using the National Institutes of Learning Disabilities (NILD) program.  Most of the students of the school live in Jos, but there are many children who board while their parents are doing mission work in other places in Nigeria and West Africa.  

Rosie serves on the Hillcrest Board of Governors, representing Campus Crusade for Christ.  She is responsible for liaising with our recruiting office to find teachers for the school.  If you are interested in possible teaching opportunities at the school, contact Dick Seinen at dmseinen@yahoo.com