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Short-term Medical Students

Two medical students recently concluded short-term projects working with me.  Gloria, a student from Baylor Medical Center, is actually a Nigerian living in the U.S. She completed a research study of calcium absorption in children with rickets.

Andy, a student from the Loma Linda Medical Center, is interested in medical missions.  He came to do a family practice elective and was challenged by the myriad medical and spiritual opportunities for service.

A Weekend to Remember

Rosie and I recently spoke at two family life conferences. Promoted as “A Weekend to Remember,” couples invest in their marriages through concentrated time together.  Altogether 56 couples attended conferences for the Nigerian Christian Medical and Dental Association and for our own local church.  Because the content genuinely spoke to their real needs, our Nigerian pastor dubbed the conference, “A Weekend Never to Forget!”  We will also speak at an upcoming conference in May for executives in Lagos, one of the largest cities in Africa.

Aaron's Graduation

Aaron is preparing for his high school graduation from Hillcrest school, which he has attended since the second grade. Because of his interest in African wildlife, he will be majoring in wildlife and fisheries at Utah State University this fall. He hopes to someday return to Africa to help manage its wildlife and natural resources.

Furlough Preparation

As we prepare to be in the U.S. from June – December, we look forward to seeing as many of you as we can.  Our schedule will be:

June 4 – 12               Richmond, Virginia  (Rosie’s sister)

June 13 – 23             Florida  (Rosie’s parents)

June 27 – July 7        Idaho, Washington, Oregon

July 8 – 19                Northern California

July 20 – Aug 5        Ventura, California

Aug 6 – Dec 28        Salt Lake City, Utah (Tom’s parents)

Concerned Response

You probably received a letter from our country director with information about our financial support need.  We are encouraged by the concern expressed by many of you.  Of the $890 per month that we lacked, the generous response of our support team has met $475 of this current need.  We are trusting God to provide new individuals and churches to join our team during our time in the U.S.  If you would like to host a small group or arrange for us to make a presentation to your church, we would be happy to share how God has been working in Nigeria.