Text Box: That’s how it all began. 
Text Box: Networking … 
Text Box: Last May our pastor, Adamu Maga, asked us if we would be willing to do a Family Life “Weekend to Remember” marriage conference for a church in Kaduna, Nigeria.  A fellow pastor had expressed a need in his growing church of about 600 members for couples to have Biblical teaching on the topic of marriage.  Since we had previously done two such conferences for our own church, Pastor Maga felt we would be good resource persons.
Little did we know, this was a church Pastor Maga had helped plant several years earlier while pastoring in the city of Kaduna.
The first weekend of September brought 21 couples to the Text Box: conference site, a 4 hour drive from their homes.  Upon meeting the young pastor for the first time, he expressed the couples’ excitement and enthusiasm for the weekend ahead.
He wasn’t kidding. From our first talk Friday evening, addressing the forces working against oneness in marriage, we knew we had connected.  We were immediately impressed by the couples friendliness and responsive, teachable hearts and attitudes.  We also found it noteworthy that numerous older couples in marriage attended, as they often think such a conference is only for younger couples.
By Sunday afternoon, after giving six messages, we were Text Box: Tom & Rosie Thacher	Campus Crusade for Christ Nigeria	www.thachers.org
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Text Box: September 20, 2005
Text Box: clearly exhausted, and so were the conferees!!  But the time was well spent.  We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity God  provided through networking to teach Biblical truths about married life to these eager partners in marriage.

Thank you for partnering with us to build marriages to the glory of God.

Impacting Nigeria one couple at a time,