November 18, 2002

Executives influence the people they lead, but their busy lives often isolate them from relevant biblical input. The Executive Network of Campus Crusade invited Rosie and I to speak at a weekend Family Life Conference in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Don and Sue Myers, experienced Family Life speakers married over 50 years, came from London as lead speakers and were very helpful in mentoring us. 

Executive Family Life

Many executives feel the need to work on their often neglected marriage relationships, and this conference was targeted to equip executives with biblical priorities in marriage.

Together we gave 3 talks to 35 couples from throughout Nigeria: God's Purposes for Marriage, Communication, and Resolving Conflict. Couples worked on projects together after each session that were focused on improving their communication and commitment to God. Judging from the evaluations, the

conference had a positive impact in many of the marriages.

In follow-up from the conference, many of the couples are now meeting in Home Builders groups. Meeting in small groups has potential to produce even greater impact in their relationships and to equip them to reach others in their spheres of

Tom & Rosie