Nathanael in Hungary

Nathanael in Hungary
Hillcrest School

I recently returned from a sensational 5 weeks in Hungary. I had a worthwhile and excellent time with the Hungarian people I met on the SpeakOut project. Before I tell you more about the achievements on the project I will start by telling you about the camp itself. 

The first 10 days after my arrival was an orientation to Hungary and preparation for the camp. During these days I got to know the 73 other people on the project. Most of these people were from the U.S. or were missionary kids in Hungary. We listened to talks on Hungarian culture and on the spiritual barriers that existed in Hungary. After the orientation and preparation, Hungarian students (we called them campers) arrived. As you may recall, the purpose of this camp was to help Hungarian students practice their English.

Each week for three weeks, new campers arrived on a Saturday afternoon and left on Friday morning. One of my various roles in the camp was to lead a daily SpeakOut Group. SpeakOut groups involved helping the campers practice their English through playing a variety of games. I also got to know them personally by going to the beach, playing billiards, soccer, getting fast food, and just talking with them. I asked them questions about their belief in God and what their thoughts were on how to get to heaven. 

Most of my students were very willing and enthusiastic to talk about God and their beliefs. Few were Christians, many of them believed in a God but not Jesus, while others believed there wasn’t a God. I would go through the Hungarian Four Spiritual Laws booklet with them and have discussions about what they believed. I would also give them additional reading materials that would help answer some of their questions. The first and third week saw two of my campers named Zoli and Csaba pray to receive Christ with me. These were astonishing experiences for me personally, as I had never let the Holy Spirit use me to bring someone to Christ.

For the last few days of the camp we had a debriefing time, which consisted of talks on adjusting back into life with friends and family. For the project as a whole the total number of decisions to trust Christ was 37, a remarkable conclusion! For me personally, God taught me how to be confident in sharing my faith, and I learned how to share my faith more capably through letting the Holy Spirit take control of my life.

Thank you so much for your investment and your prayers. God used you and all the people on the project to further His kingdom. 

Nathanael Thacher