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What do a dentist, a politician, a business entrepreneur, a teacher, a Chevron-Texaco manager, three doctors, a banker, two accountants, a television journalist, a computer businessman, and a missionary all have in common?† All of them are Home Builders!† Coming from Tomís workplace and our neighborhood, these diverse couples bonded together in our most recent study to help one another grow in marriage.† Spanning from just a few weeks to over 30 years of marriage, each husband and wife offered a unique contribution.† At the conclusion of the study, we challenged each couple to impact not only their own families but others in their network of influence with biblical marriage principles.

Leaders of this caliber have an exceptional opportunity to shape others marriages.† Each has a network of people they touch through their positions, their churches, their tribes, and their extended families.† As they hold to Godís Word above divisive cultural traditions that isolate husbands and wives, others take notice.† Leading a Home Builders group involves facilitating discussion, modeling a godly marriage, and desiring to have a multiplying ministry to others.† Taking the first step of faith to invite other couples into your home is usually the greatest hurdle to overcome.† But 9 couples in our previous groups have taken this step, and God has used them to reach many more couples, in many other places, than we could reach personally.

Yours for reaching Nigeria one family at a time,

Tom & Rosie Thacher†††† www.thachers.org†††† Campus Crusade for Christ Nigeria

U.S. mailing address (forwards mail): † 5666 Hunter Park Circle††† West Valley, UT 84128

E-mail: tom@thachers.org†††† Phone: 234-73-464471††††† CCC account: #0384693

June 25, 2004