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December 1, 2005

What could an astronaut and beauty queen possibly have in common?

They were both November guests at the Thacher Bed and Breakfast in Jos!  No, we really donít operate a Bed and Breakfast, but we do enjoy hosting visitors.  God blessed us by giving us the opportunity to open our home to Dr. David Hilmers and Mrs. Lonna Vopat.

Dave Hilmers (NASA Photo S90-38883)Dr. Hilmers is not only a Christian brother and pediatrician, but a former Marine and astronaut.  As a veteran of four NASA space shuttle missions, he is a unique individual with many out of this world experiences!  He entered medical school at age 42 and is now on the faculty of  Baylor Medical Center in  Houston.  His collaboration with Tom on a research project on calcium and zinc absorption in children with rickets brought Dave to our home.  Dr. Hilmers was able to address the staff of the teaching hospital and to speak at the mission school about his experiences in space and the perspective it has given him about humanity and our Creator.

Winner of the crown of Mrs. Idaho 2002, Lonna Vopat helped with our movementís 60-day campaign ďHope West Africa.Ē  Various strategies were implemented in October and November to expose thousands of Africans to the gospel message.  In addition, Christians were challenged to walk more obediently and passionately with Christ.

Abandoned and abused as a child, followed by drug and alcohol abuse, Lonnaís powerful testimony of Godís rescue and grace in her life broke through the hearts of many needy people.  Along the others, Rosie is following up the women in Jos who made decisions for Christ or desire to attend a Bible study.

Two unlikely house guests.  Two lives touched and marked out for Godís purposes to bring physical and spiritual healing.

Christmas is a season with a healing message: a baby born with the mission to die in order to bring healing between God and man.  May this Christmas bring a renewed sense of wonder at Godís healing and purpose in your life.

Tom & Rosie