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“In light of His coming”                                      December 1, 2001

is the focus of an upcoming conference Dec 27 – Jan 4 for all Campus Crusade for Christ staff in West Africa.  The last time
West African staff met together was five years ago in Nigeria, and this time the gathering will be in Accra, Ghana.  We expect 138 staff (and their 246 children) from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

One exciting aspect of the conference will be the privilege of hosting Dr. Steve Douglass.  This past summer he stepped into Dr. Bill Bright’s place as the new president of Campus Crusade for Christ.  Three of our other African leaders will also be joining him.  Conferences like this expand our vision, as we grasp our role in light of the big picture of Africa’s destiny.  Together we will appraise our plans and strategies to reach people groups throughout West Africa and to expand our influence for Jesus Christ.  Uniting in prayer and worship, we will corporately look to God to empower us to take the gospel to those ready to receive Him.

Taking into consideration recent events, what a wonderful opportunity we have to reflect during this Christmas season on the one who announced “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!”  Genuine and lasting peace only comes through knowing personally our creator and Lord.  In seeking to advance the gospel, we pray that all we do would be done in light of His coming.

Expecting God’s glory in Ghana,

Tom & Rosie

P.S.  Travel to Ghana and costs for the conference will total about $2800 for our family.  If you would like to invest to make this possible, click here.  We also intend to use any contributions exceeding this amount to improve the security of our home.